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Dear customer…

I have made many thoughts to myself which tips I can give you for a forthcoming Fotoshooting with myself. First once I would like to say you, that not be nervous you need or uncertainly because you fear that your body could not be well enough for a Shooting or you do not act “properly”. Their photographer, has itself enough “problem zones”, has some kilos too much and knows, hence, rather well how one conceals all this.;-) I am quite loosens, open woman and will take from you just with my kind fast all fears. So you push upcoming doubts simply Aside.:-)

I recommend only things which I myself find good and have even also tried out. Hence, has picked out to you some links from the Internet where you can buy what. Draw inspiration by the underwear links and then decide whether you also like this. Are glad on an increase of your self-confidence, you by a Fotoshooting with me, in addition to your photos, will take.:-)

Their appointment preparation for your Fotoshooting

* loose underwear and no narrow clothes carry about that. Unfortunately, the impressions of socks, socks, narrow underwear and also from pairs of jeans or belts as well as clinging wristwatches remain for hours on the body.

* Besides, please an unbuttonable upper top carry in your appointment, so that the freshly stylish hairstyle and the Make up are not damaged while lining.

* In the eve or in the morning of the Shootings take a shower and shave (maybe also the tiny hairs over the upper lip wet wegrasieren and perhaps also between the bottom cheeks for bottom photos).

* Hair washes in the eve and the body cream. (You bring please your body lotion with to over again cream of the legs in the studio).

* All stickers remove completely under your brought High Heels (with washing-up liquid soak)

* Tabs / etiquettes from your underwears cut.

* In the morning of the photo appointment you could brush with your toothbrush (also electric toothbrush) the lower lip softy. Lips are often rough, dry or cracked, this is not so nice for the following lipstick.

* by the way, red fingernails and toenails, as well as red lips and red underwears come incl. red socks without really well on photos

Please come without mascara and with washed, but DRY hair! The Hairstyling AND the Make up takes over the Visagstin in the studio. Please, seem punctual, because the Visagistin must go on after 1.5 hours by her next appointment. The later you come in the studio, the less time remains of the Visagistin for HER styling.

If we agreed on an appointment for e.g. 13 o’clock, comes the Visagistin also only at 13 o’clock and you please also at 13 o’clock! Come earlier, wait, nevertheless, please in your car before the gate. As soon as the agreed time is, we are there also for you.

The Visagistin makes up and styles you during the 1.5 hours following then in the studio. Please, bring the money for the Visagistin cash.

I – your photographer – receive you and leave you then first of all only with the Visagistin. If you are made up ready and the Visagistin leaves us, we start to have a look with it at your brought clothes, your wishes discuss and then start with the Shooting.

Should we say ‘du’ ourselves?

Who feels more probably with YOU, that may offer to me with pleasure with the appointment, then we say ‘du’ ourselves! I find personally YOU more relaxed and more personally for the construction of erotic photos. I force it, however, upon nobody. Hence, I leave it to my customers.

Where do I park?

Free of charge in THE inner courtyard! If you come too early and the gate is still closed, nobody is still in the studio!
Warten you then please in the car before the close gate on the Visagistin which will come at the agreed time of your appointment also by her car and opens the gate for you, so that they can drive both by her cars in the inner courtyard. If the gate is already opened, enter please in the inner courtyard.

Who books the Visagistin? And does she also make the hair?

I – your photographer order the Visagistin obligingly there for you if you give me before the info that you would like to book my Visagistin in addition!

The Visagistin specially comes for your appointment arrived and drives also afterwards directly by her next appointment somewhere else. She makes the Hairstyling AND the Make up.

How is the photo studio – the “crown studio” furnished?

In this 134 square metre, very noble photo studio with 3 big rooms, only 1.2 km away from the KÖ, you expect many great baroque pieces of furniture on which you may loll about.

May I bring my friend / my partner for watching for the photoshooting?

Here a clear NO! A third person contributes not exactly to the fact that you become especially “warm with me – the photographer! So that the atmosphere becomes loose and unconstrained, please no spectators or “instructors” bring. During the Studio-Shootings the brought partners or friends are accommodated in the coffee drinking area in an armchair or to go asked to the shopping / dawdling to the nearby Bilker Arcaden which are to be reached foot-in heat at 1 minute.

Must I have a perfect body for such a Fotoshooting?

No! I find out your chocolate side and stress this. You can conceal so-called “problem zones”, nevertheless, with clever underwears, to Strapsgürteln and socks. The After after-photos in the gallery prove that you must be no model, so that great pictures can originate.

How do I hide my “problem zones”?

If to you your bosom should be too small or he does not stand in such a way as you would have it with pleasure, help here Pushing up BH’s or Lifting BH’s.

You could conceal a belly role or pregnancy stripe in the belly with a wide Strapsgürtel or with a Torselett.

Cellulite in the upper thighs can be concealed excellently also with net socks. Should you have funnel-shaped thighs in which socks Without holder (with rubber roll inside themselves sticking) down or your thigh streams on top out, then Strapsstrümpfe (without rubber inside) would be the better choice.

A net Catsuite is sexy mega and conceals perfectly depressions, scars and skin tears in belly, legs, bottom, hips, backs. They let a body look nearly perfect. You can buy all these things which I recommend you here also very easily about Amazon, eBay or in general on the Internet (of course as a new product).

What you bring by your photo appointment:

* 2 big shower cloths. One lay out to and one to the body dry up for the drop of water photos / body sceneries)

* An USB Embroidering (8 GB reach for 1-and 2–hour Shooting). For 3-and 5–hour Shooting bring please 32 GB USB Embroidering

* Underwear

* High Heels from 10-cm sales height upward. And please all stickers under the shoes remove (tip: with washing-up liquid). Some High Heels in black and red stand in the photo studio to the use at the possession of size from 37 to 41.

* Quite wafer-thin (NONE opaque) nylon stockings (without holder) or Strapsstrümpfe (without rubber inside) in black, in white (if you bring white underwears) and skin colours – or also net socks, suitably to her brought underwears and clothes

** a rose, or a sunflower or other pretty flowers of your choice (if you wanted this)

* if available and desired with pleasure also a sexily evening dress for evening dress photos or…

* your wedding dress “of that time” (with the belonging to it accessories) for cheeky photos in the wedding dress

* If you have never married, but even though would like to carry once a wedding dress and would like to have photos in it, you can buy in eBay a used.

* Push up BH’s make kugeligere breasts, so absolutely recommendable!

* With e.g. inhabitant of New York, C&A and Hunkemöller there is for small money a big choice in nice underwear. Please, all sewed in white signs from the underwears cut.

* Special and unusual, payable and really great underwears AXAMI you can order on the Internet.

* By the way, red and coloured underwears with the socks fitting to it come especially well for photos.

* A Lipgloss would not be bad which you apply please occasionally on your lips!

* Jewellery, especially long chains, rings

* for mehrstündigen Shootingtermine: to food bring a snack: e.g., a “break bread”, a banana, muesli bolt or similar which you can consume occasionally or after the Shooting. According to experience the customers have breakfast with nothing but excitement in the morning nothing or only very little and then have sometime growling bellies.:-)

What could I still bring for the Fotoshooting?

There are unusual underwears with great wide Strapsgürteln of AXAMI on the Internet.

You find many really high High Heels also with EBAY. Open pumps are suited for underwear photos better than Stiefeletten and small belt shoes (they shorten optically the leg).

* A Catsuite from net (you give this search word sometimes in eBay) hides perfectly cellulite and pregnancy stripe, net socks, sexily net sock trousers or wafer-thin nylon stockings (in black, knows and lashes out) without holder as Straps socks (without rubber) for the Strapsgürtel to recommend little net dress (very much!!!), Negligee, Torselett, corselet…

* Importantly is to be followed: really high, open pumps (High Heels) from 10-cm sales height with quite fine, thin sales (make longer legs and a “slender foot”)

* perhaps an unbuttonable transparent one or a top blouse, jeans trousers, fur coat, hot Negligees, feather boa, miniskirt with sexily blouse, sexily dress, wedding underwear, gloves of sateen, net or point, big remarkable jewellery, sunglasses, hats, an old cylinder of the grandpa…

The right underwears are worth gold! Get out with the right laundry the best of your body, you stress and conceal with it!!!

Here you find noble nice underwears: here click

Here you find favourable wedding dresses: Wedding dresses shop about eBay

How do I pay?

By advance transfer or cash with the Fotoshooting (vouchers in the web shop with PayPal or transfer).

How do I get white bikini impressions of the vacation fast postbrowned?

e.g., with self-tanning lotion or also with Bräunungsduschen which there is in some solar studios and fitness studios. Example:

Solar studios in Dusseldorf with Bräunungsduschen

However, they do not have to go brown his for my photos!

Do I take the resulted pictures for selecting in small quality directly after the Fotoshooting with home?

Yes! Bring, nevertheless, please an USB Embroidering with (for the 1 & 2-hour Shooting reach 8 GB USB Embroidering. 3 & 5-hour Shooting please 32 GB USB Embroidering bring).

They receive directly after the Shooting and after payment of the booked Shootings ALL resulted photos with in small quality (600 pixels) with logo of the photographer in the middle in the pictures. Then thus you can select in rest at home with your partner or another close person your nicest pictures and call the desired file numbers to me then.

Who books a bigger Shooting with all pictures, gets anyway ALL resulted pictures with in original quality on your brought USB-Stick (32 GB).

Prepare maybe schonmal for the fact that you would like to extend most probably your Shootingtime spontaneously because it gives pleasure which will pass time like in the flight and the results become so great. The pictures become so nice and many-sided that the picture choice is mostly very difficult.

This experience is very exclusive and for many customers much more than only one photo appointment. It is rather a selfvalue increase.

A Shooting appointment is a little like one wellness day which contributes to the fact that you develop more self-confidence and a new body feeling.
you see yourselves once from quite an other side and are on this day far from the everyday life!
Enjoy already the preparations, book you with me my Visagistin with in addition and enjoy you then this special day.

Retouching work is calculated, in addition.

Appointment obligation!

A confirmed appointment is obliging! The photographer as well as the Visagistin come only for booked appointments to the crown studio.

Unfortunately… It comes seldom, but before that a customer simply does not appear by her booked appointment. Then, unfortunately, these not appearing customers do not call off the appointment, so that the photographer and the Visagistin have arrived free of charge to the studio, wait there then for hours, no other customer for this appointment could accept and at last have loss of earnings for the empty working hours. All that is absolutely irritating, impertinent and unfair.:-(

Hence, I would like to ask every customer to keep a term booked by you absolutely and to effect a deposit by transfer with appointment arrangement, because who has angezahlt, also appears.

If you my photos publish in Facebook, Instagram or somewhere else

“The district court of Munich has in a court judgment (AG Munich, Urt. V. 6/24/2015, file number 142 C 11428/15) decided that also by a transference of unrestricted rights of use the customers by a photographer the duty is not cancelled to the name naming by the publication of the pictures. Rather omitting the name naming leads to a compensation claim of the photographer towards the culprit.” Text from… Photo right… (Please my name as photographers simply with in addition credit by publication and everything is.)

Please, write to me a Google review / assessment

If you were contented with the Fotoshooting and the photos, I would be glad very much if you write a Google review / assessment to me. These Google reviews are very important for independent. It is only one time involved of 5 minutes. Quite dear thanks!

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