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Dear customer ...

I have thought a lot about what tips I can give you for an upcoming photo shoot with me. First of all, I want to tell you that you don't need to be nervous or insecure because you fear that your body may not be good enough for a shoot or that you are not "doing the right thing". I - your photographer Andrea Seekircher, have enough "problem areas" myself, have a few pounds too much and therefore know very well how to hide all this. ;-) I am a very easy-going, open, happy, young-at-heart woman from 1969 ;-), and with my nature I will quickly take away all your fears. So just put aside concerns that arise. :-) Take a look at me and the way I work in advance in my TV reports ...

I only recommend things that I think are good and that I have tried myself. So you've picked out a few links on the Internet where you can buy something. Let yourself be inspired by the lingerie links and then decide for yourself whether you like it too. You can look forward to an increase in your self-confidence that you will take with you through a photo shoot with me in addition to your photos. :-)

Your appointment preparation for your photo shoot

When you come to me: Please wear loose underwear & socks and no tight clothing over them. The prints from socks, stockings, tight underwear, jeans or belts, as well as tight-fitting wristwatches unfortunately remain on the body for hours. It is also best to wear a button-up top to your appointment so that the make-up is not damaged when you change your clothes. Shower and shave the evening before or the morning of the shoot (maybe also wet the hair above the upper lip and possibly also between the buttocks for the bottom photos). Wash and dry hair and apply lotion to the body. (Please bring your body lotion with you to reapply lotion to your arms and legs in the studio). Remove all stickers completely from under the high heels you brought with you (soak with detergent). (I have some from size 35 to 42) Cut all tags / labels out of your lingerie. On the morning of the photo op, you could use your toothbrush (also known as an electric toothbrush) to gently brush your lower lip. Often lips are rough, dry or cracked, which is not so nice for the following lipstick. By the way, red fingernails and toenails, as well as red lips and red lingerie including red hold-up stockings look really good in photos 😉

So you can simply drive off the next morning, without having to “pretzel” yourself, completely without make-up, also WITHOUT mascara and with washed but DRY hair! The hairstyling AND the make-up is done by the make-up artist in the studio. Please arrive on time as the make-up artist has to drive on to her next appointment after 1.5 hours. The later you arrive at the studio, the less time the make-up artist has for YOUR styling.

The make-up artist will do your make-up and style in the following 1.5 hours in the studio. Please bring euros in cash for the make-up artist.

I - your photographer - will receive you and a little later the make-up artist you have booked will join you. When you have finished making up and the make-up artist then leaves us, we start to look at the clothes you brought with us, discuss your wishes and then start the shoot.
How do I pay?

A deposit in advance by PayPal or bank transfer and the rest in cash at the photo shoot.

Shall we talk to each other?

If you feel more comfortable with a YOU, you are welcome to offer me that at the appointment, then we will talk to you! I personally find a YOU more relaxed and personal for creating erotic photos. But I don't force anyone. So I leave it to my customers. Just offer me the DU when you feel more comfortable with it. ;-)

Where do i park?

Free of charge in my courtyard! If we make an appointment for e.g. Agreed at 1 p.m., then the make-up artist will not come until 1 p.m. and please also at 1 p.m.! If you arrive too early, please wait in your car in front of the still locked gate. As soon as the agreed time is, we are also there for you. The gate to the inner courtyard will then be opened for you and you can drive in and park in the inner courtyard directly in front of the studio entrance.
Who books the make-up artist? And does she do the hair too?

I - your photographer - bindingly order the make-up artist for you if you give me the information beforehand that you would like to book my make-up artist!

The make-up artist comes especially for your appointment and then goes straight to your next appointment somewhere else. She does the hairstyling AND the make-up and discuss everything with you.

How is the photo studio - the "crown studio" set up?

In this 134 square meter, very noble photo studio with three large rooms, only 1.2 km away from the KÖ, you can expect a lot of great baroque furniture and even a bed on which you can loll.

Can I bring my girlfriend / partner with me to watch while taking pictures?

Here is a clear NO! A third person doesn’t exactly help you to get particularly “warm” with me - the photographer! So that the atmosphere is relaxed and informal, please do not bring any spectators or “instructors” with you. During the studio shoot, the partners or friends brought with you are asked to stroll in the nearby Bilker Arcaden, which can be reached on foot in 1 minute.
Do I have to have a perfect body for a photo shoot like this?

No! I find out your chocolate side and emphasize this. However, you can treat so-called "problem areas" with clever lingerie such as Conceal net catsuites, wide suspender belts with suspender stockings and torselettes. The before and after photos in the gallery prove that you don't have to be a model to create great pictures.

During your shooting time, we can implement several different topics such as

Portraits, in clothing such as jeans, T-shirts, in evening dresses, in bridal gowns - if it still fits, in lingerie, nudes, or even crazy ideas, we can implement e.g. naked with the inline skates you brought with you, with your skis, with your snowboard, naked with ballet shoes and tulle skirts, etc.

How do I hide my "problem areas"?

If your breasts are too small for you or if they do not stand the way you would like them, push up bras or lifting bras can help.

A belly roll or stretch marks on the stomach could be concealed with a wide suspender belt or with a torselette.

Dents / cellulite on the thighs can also be masked with fishnet stockings. If you have funnel-shaped thighs on which hold-up stockings (WITH elastic inside self-adhesive) roll down or your thigh bulges out at the top, then stockings (WITHOUT elastic inside) would be the better choice.

A net catsuite is super sexy and perfectly conceals all dents, scars and cracks in the stomach, legs, bottom, hips and back. They make a body look almost perfect. You can also buy all of these things that I recommend here very easily on Amazon, Ebay or generally on the Internet (as new goods, of course).
What do you bring to your photo session:
2 large bath towels. One to lay on and one to dry off the body for the water drop photos / body landscapes
High heels from 10 cm heel height upwards. And please remove all stickers from under the shoes (tip: use detergent). Some high heels in black and red are available in the photo studio for use from size 35 to 42.
Possibly. Fishnet stockings, very thin (NO opaque) nylon stockings (preferably stockings without elastic inside) in black, in white (if you bring white lingerie with you)

it is better to get suspender stockings that have no elastic inside and one size bigger. 😉
a rose, or a sunflower or other pretty flowers of your choice (if you like that)
for a few portraits to warm up right at the beginning e.g. a pair of jeans, tops, a dress
if available and desired, a sexy evening dress or …
Your wedding dress “from back then” (with the associated accessories) for cheeky photos in the wedding dress
If you’ve never married, but still want to wear a wedding dress and have photos in it, you can buy a used one on Ebay.
Push up bras make breasts more rounded, so definitely recommended!
For e.g. Hunkemöller has a large selection of beautiful lingerie for little money.

Please cut all sewn-in white signs out of the lingerie.
You can order special and unusual, affordable and really great AXAMI lingerie on the Internet.
By the way, red and colored lingerie with matching stockings is particularly good for photos.
A lip gloss would not be bad, please apply it to your lips in between!
Jewelry, especially long chains, rings.
bring a snack for yourself: e.g. A “break bread”, a banana, muesli bar or something similar, which you can choose between or after the photo shoot. Experience has shown that customers do not or very little breakfast because of the sheer excitement and then at some point have growling bellies. :-)
What else could I bring for the photo shoot?

Exceptional lingerie with great wide suspender belts is available from AXAMI on the Internet.

You can also find a lot of really high heels on EBAY. Open pumps are more suitable for lingerie photos than ankle boots and strappy shoes (which visually shorten the leg).

A catsuite made of net (enter this search term on Ebay) perfectly hides cellulite and stretch marks, net stockings, sexy fishnet tights or ultra-thin nylon stockings (in black, white and skin) as suspender stockings (without elastic) for the suspender belt , Net dress (highly recommended !!!), negligee, torselette, corselet ...
It is important to note: really high, open pumps (high heels) from 10 cm heel height with very fine, thin heels (make longer legs and a "slim foot")
Possibly an unbuttonable transparent or lace blouse, jeans, fur coat, hot negligees, feather boa, miniskirt with sexy blouse, sexy dress, wedding lingerie, gloves made of satin, net or lace, large eye-catching jewelry, sunglasses, hats, an old top hat from grandpa, ...

The right lingerie is worth gold! Get the best out of your body with the right underwear, emphasize and conceal it !!!

Here you will find fine, beautiful lingerie: click here

Here you can find cheap wedding dresses: Buy wedding dresses on Ebay

How can I quickly get tanned white bikini marks from my recent vacation?

e.g. with self-tanners or with tanning showers, which are available in some tanning salons and fitness studios. Example:

Tanning salons in Düsseldorf with tanning showers

But you don't have to get extra brown for my photos! Only white bikini prints should be re-tanned.

Joint photo selection

We look at the pictures together immediately after the shoot and choose the best photos together.

Do I get the photos immediately after "Shooting with ALL photos"?

Yes! Immediately after the shoot, you will receive all of your image files on a brand new USB stick to take home with you.
Image selection won't be easy.

It is best to prepare yourself for the fact that you may want to spontaneously extend your shooting time (1 additional hour + 100 euros) and you will most likely want to buy more pictures than you thought because the pictures will be so beautiful and varied. (So ​​pack more money as a precaution).

This experience is very exclusive and for many customers much more than just a photo session. Rather, it is an increase in self-worth.

A shooting appointment is a little like a wellness day, which helps you to develop more self-confidence and a new body feeling.
You will see yourself from a completely different side and on this day you are far away from everyday life!
Enjoy the preparations, book my make-up artist with me and then enjoy this special day.

Information about the photographer ...
Give away a voucher for a photo shoot ...

Deadline commitment!

A confirmed appointment is binding! The photographer and make-up artist only come to the Kronenstudio for booked appointments.

Unfortunately ... It happens seldom, but nevertheless, that a customer simply does not show up for her booked appointment. These customers who do not appear then unfortunately do not cancel the appointment, so that the photographer and the make-up artist traveled to the studio for free, then waited there for hours, could not accept any other customer for this appointment (since I only have one customer a day) and we ultimately have lost earnings for the empty working hours. All of this is absolutely annoying, outrageous and unfair. :-(

Therefore, I would like to ask every customer to keep an appointment you have booked and to make a deposit by transfer when making an appointment, because whoever has paid will also appear.

If you post my photos on Facebook, Instagram or anywhere else

"The Munich District Court has ruled in a court judgment (AG Munich, judgment of 24.06.2015, Az. 142 C 11428/15) that even if a photographer transfers unrestricted rights of use to the customer, the obligation to In fact, if the photos are not named, the photographer will be entitled to a claim for damages against the perpetrator .)
Please write me a google review / rating

If you were satisfied with the photo shoot and the photos, I would be very happy if you write me a Google review / rating. These Google reviews are very important for the self-employed. It's only a 5 minute time commitment. Very dear thanks!

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